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The Abu Sanad Informatics Blog arose at the beginning of 2018 to begin its advice in publishing the latest news and general information and all that is useful on the Blogger platform that Google provides as a free platform for publishing articles and blogs and archiving them on search engines after it meets the basic conditions for admission to the publishing and archiving system that many adopt. Search engines.

The blog was exposed during the first period of its work to a lot of technical problems and also faced many difficulties in solving it, but that did not detract from the author’s determination or defame his interest, but he continued the research using his spare time and his computer exclusivity from his companions to solve these problems and transfer this blog and this site to what you see Today is before you and what is available in your hands.

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Abu Sanad Informatics seeks through the structure of its website to facilitate browsing articles and various scientific and purposeful news.

Abu Sanad Informatics also added to its website special pages to facilitate the service and communication. You can always contact the site administration

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Your brother | Mohamed Sanad
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