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  Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine

Plant medicine comes from herbs grown in the wild. They have been used for many years to heal the body. Our ancestors knew the healing power of plants and the many benefits of using them.

Many herbs are known for their natural healing properties. They heal our bodies while providing us with nutrients at the same time. It is natural and is not chemically synthesized. Many drugs on the market today are trying to mimic what herbs do, they cannot sell a herb well as a medicine, because we find it growing in the wild for free.

Big drug companies can't make money from that, right:?

Our body is amazing and always fixes itself when we get sick or hurt. When we eat food, we give our bodies the nutrients to use to nourish us and help us recover. Herbs, like supernatural foods, grow in the wild for a reason. We might have some front yard growth if we take a look.

When we eat or use herbal remedies. The work to heal us from the inside out begins immediately. We will then continue to use it until we get better or the problem disappears. It's great when you think about it.

It's like eating an apple for our health. Our bodies take that herb and use it where you need it to go. Some herbs are useful for many things. Therefore, we do not need to be an expert in herbal medicine.

With just a handful of herbs, we can heal many things in our bodies:

Botanical medicine from herbs fights infection when we need it. They can help build our immune system when we start to feel like we're going to get a cold. Herbs are antibacterial and antiseptic fighters that help us in the digestive system.

Herbs can be laxative when we feel constipated. Clean our heads when spring and summer flowers start to bloom and make our heads tense.

They can help us relax, get good sleep, or calm down when we're tired:

Herbs are amazing as they complement our bodies perfectly. These two work together perfectly, like old friends. It has no bad effects on our bodies like pharmaceutical drugs.

Our bodies speak to us when we feel sick. It tells us to move, and that our bodies are missing something it needs. It will give us a sign, like our throat, we will feel itchy. He says we feel cold. He wants some nutrition to help heal the throat.

When we take herbal medicines. Like a tablespoon of elderberry syrup. Then our body will take this drink and cure the itchy throat.

It is really amazing. The over-the-counter medication does not hide the problem, when this man-made drug wears off, we are still sick. With plant medicine, we take nutrients in our bodies that help heal the body, and not just numb the itchy feeling in our throat until later.

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